by Cu-Roi

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"In the far-flung future the Human race as a collective stands on the brink of extinction. An unknown virulent plague has coiled its iron grip across the entirety of Earth, destroying species both flora and fauna in its wake.

The Corporations, the ruling classes of the planet, do nothing but watch as the Virus claims more and more with each breaking day, their control growing with the waves of panic rippling across the world. The Corporations' control extends to every media circuit, every political formation and almost all scientific stations...

Yet there is hope as the last group of independent researchers, driven underground by The Corporations themselves, search frantically for a vaccine, that would hold the key to saving the entirety of the planet. But time is running out.

Do we leave it all to chance, or stand up to Fate?"

-Author's Notes-
This Album is a collection of 80s inspired synth-music, covering quite a few different genres within that area including Italo Disco, Ambience and the likes, set to a story which you can read within the lyrics of each song. This has been a real labour of love and I hope everyone enjoys this music as much as I did writing it. It's my first album project, hopefully one of many. Enjoy! ~ Cu-Roi


released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Cu-Roi Kent, UK

All you need to know is that I make music, and making music is a great passion of mine. Chiptunes, Electronic, anything really, experimentation is something I love to do, and I hope everyone enjoys the music I make, I greatly appreciate that and am humbled whenever someone likes or enjoys my compositions. Enjoy!
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Track Name: 01 - The Experiment
DATE --/21st October, 2084/--

"The Experiments leading up to this day have so far proven to be fruitless despite being unsuccessful in stabilizing a formulae for the Vaccine. Project Leader L has informed me that if we do not come to a conclusion within the remainder of this month that the Corporations will no doubt find our isolated facility and tear it to the ground. Rations have become increasingly scarce as our ties to the surface have become increasingly vague with each day. The most foreboding and yet probable reason for this is that The Corporations have uncovered our operations and are eliminating us one by one.

We can only hope The Experiment is a success.

We must fight if Man is to survive."
Track Name: 02 - Escape
DATE --/21st October, 2084/--

"It all happened so fast... The explosion... it ripped through the facility like a knife through butter. The entire facility is lost!

L, the Researchers, they're all dead... Just as we had completed our first trial! Just as we had finally succeeded in formulating a stable vaccine! As I sit here sifting through the wreckage for anything I could possibly salvage from the sabotage, a deep and dark shadow creeps over me; I am completely alone now...

The Experiment... There is so much that must be done now. Try as I might, I can't but thank whatever God or Entity exists out there, for there may still be hope somehow, if I can reclaim the formulae from the computer system's black box. If I can run... If I can only Escape from this place before the clean-up squad arrives... Then perhaps we will still have a chance."
Track Name: 03 - Twilight
DATE --/22nd October, 2084/--

"I have managed to reclaim the back-up files for the formulae devised from The Experiment, along-side the various documents and personal records of my fellow crew. It was quite humorous... We had discussed the very possible reality that none of us would ever live to see the release of the Vaccine, and so were required to record our personal thoughts and feelings on the project as each day went by. Eventually, the recordings for each day grew shorter, as members grew tired of the constant failures... Some disappeared, never to be heard from again...

It would be travesty to let those voices remain unheard. We can not let them remain silenced. Not now, not ever.

I had managed to evade detection on my Escape, but only just. The patrols sent to pillage the remains were all too keen on destroying anything and everything they could lay their hands on; there would be no way of negotiating with such 'gentlemen'.

I will be making way to the nearest city within this region. No doubt they will realize the absence of one of the staff members in due time, I must be quick in formulating a response to this situation."
Track Name: 04 - Justify the Means
DATE --/23nd October, 2084/--

"My plans of finding shelter within the city have been... Disrupted, to say the least. The Corporations have initiated curfews amongst its citizens... It has truly become nothing more than a police state now. For the moment being I have resorted to taking refuge in an abandoned gas station just a short few miles from the nearest city. I doubt it will remain safe for long, and I do not intend to spend another night here.

Indeed, this world has changed much from my last ventures to the surface. A pale death seems to cling to the air, as an indescribable white frost clings to any and every substance it can. I suspect this is a side effect of the Virus on the planet itself. It would be unwise to take my helmet off, as much as I would love to breath the fresh air once more.

Still... It isn't the frost or the presence of decay that concerns me... Instead, having now witnessed the extent and control that The Corporations have now over the population... Does nothing short of sicken me. They speak of cures and treatments, they sell lifestyles on billboards that profess miracles and solutions, with no intention of doing anything except line the pockets of the already rich and expansive... If they are genuinely researching a vaccine, or if they have access to such medicines already then they are most certainly saving this for themselves.

Perhaps this is all a means to an end? Perhaps they worry of consumption... A dialling down of the population numbers? Maybe there is some goal to this madness, as the walking dead shuffle through aisles of Corporate run-Hospitals searching for Corporate brand treatments for their ailments before returning to sleep in their Corporately owned flats and work for their Corporate slave-masters...

If I were them... I would honestly challenge them, to justify their means. Then again, perhaps I already am."
Track Name: 05 - Unfamiliar Ground
DATE --/24th October, 2084/--

"Today is the day I sneak my way into the heart of the City. The guards are on an especially high alert but I will not be dissuaded from my goal now. I've procured enough counterfeit IDs to last an entire gang of thugs over the years, and I'll be damned if I don't put them to good use. They will only be valid for one use each though, as The Corporations are surely tracing my every movement in this City. I will have to be absolutely flawless with my movements if I am to succeed in reaching the Elevator.

The Elevator acts as a media hub for this region of the Earth... A towering colossus of a structure, reaching far into the reaches of the Stratosphere. If I can access the broadcasting stations there, be it by brute force or otherwise, I can transmit the formulae across any radio-channel possible and ensure that this information is not lost to the common man.

I can not fail. Not now."
Track Name: 06 - Breakthrough
DATE --/24th October, 2084/--

"I make this log as what will most likely be my last recording...

If anyone has the chance to hear this then perhaps there has been a solution after all. I had made it so close, but in the end it seems that this has all been for nothing...

Despite making my way into the mainframe through the Maintenance shafts and avoiding detection thus far, I was unable to transmit the information to any receivers.... It appears as though the radio waves are being intercepted... The Corporations have fire-walled the transmissions before they were even broadcast! There must be a kill-switch inside the facility! My location has been leaked, and my cover destroyed... I have but one choice now... Perhaps there is a way to redeem this... If I make it out alive."
Track Name: 07 - Ringed World
DATE --/26th October, 2084/--

"Something must be willing me on... There is no other explanation for this... This... Outcome...

I have managed to escape yet again... And this may very well be my last.

The patrols had me surrounded, rushing in from every station they were situated at as soon as the alarm had signalled... It's a miracle that I'm still alive to even say this... But I had to take a chance. I made a break for the highest chambers of the Elevator, the Docking Platform... Even now the experience knots my insides, as I had barely made it to the Bay to 'procure' a vessel in time to make it out of that god-forsaken hive... Clambering up the maintenance shafts of the elevator this time around, an experience I never want to run through again.

Perhaps there is still a chance to broadcast the Vaccine...

I am currently en-route to the sixth planet of this solar system, Saturn. As insane as this may sound... There may be a way to bypass The Corporations' Firewalls after all.

An aged broadcasting satellite was knocked out of orbit of Earth forty years ago by a wayward meteorite... It was assumed to have made its way out of the solar system by now, but other sources seemed to have suggested that it was caught in orbit around Saturn... These Satellites operate on a far greater and inefficient frequency than our modern networks; perhaps it will be strong enough to over-ride all pre-existing broadcasts being made on Earth if I amplify its output! We can only wait an see for now...

No doubt The Corporations are watching... Waiting with malicious, determined eyes..."
Track Name: 08 - The Final Log
DATE --/28th October, 2084/--

"This will be my final entry into this log.

I have arrived at Saturn... Oxygen levels are low, and there is quite plainly not enough to facilitate my return to Earth.

All I can hope is that the Vaccine and the Recordings make it to Earth in time. I can only hope that those who hear its message will rise up and act, and do something about this.

I doubt the Corporations engineered this Virus. That fits too perfectly into conspiracies and espionage. I do however believe that they are capitalizing on this pandemic, as any soulless entity would.

This has to be stopped. Now.

All I can do right now is Act. I can't shake the feeling of loss going through me right now... Everyone is gone. I'm doing this alone and there doesn't seem to be a hope in hell that I'll succeed... But I'm doing it anyway.

This is what I lived for.

This is what I'll die for."
Track Name: 09 - Just the Beginning
DATE --/28th October, 2084/--